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Oldest solid material discovered on Earth: 7 billion-year-old meteorite grains

The researchers analyzed a piece of meteorite that fell in Australia fifty years ago and came to the conclusion that part of the object that originated the meteorite was formed over a period between 5 and 7 billion years. This dating makes this object the oldest solid material ever found on Earth and one of […]

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Italian astronomer photographs the asteroid with shorter orbital period, 2020 AV2

It is called 2020 AV2 but is also known by the designation of ZTF09k5 the asteroid of which an image was taken thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project by Gianluca Masi that can boast the smallest known aphelion among all the objects of the solar system, except Mercury. The aphelion is the furthest point that […]

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Phthalates can cause motor deficits in girls born to over-exposed mothers

Prenatal exposure to phthalates, chemical compounds that can be used in various products for common use, especially among plasticising agents, may cause deficits in the motor function of female daughters according to a new study published in Environment International. Phthalates can be found all over the world, from toys and plastic objects to shampoos, nail […]

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